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How Did It Happen?

In Isaiah 43:19, God speaks through the prophet declaring, “See I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

We’ve entered a season of visible growth, what was once barren (trees in our yards) have now begun to bud and turn green. What were once brown and dead leaves have now fallen off and changed colors. Just a season ago, it was cold, rainy, and lifeless; now it’s exactly the opposite. In the text, Judah’s living the opposite of this new season we’re in. Things had been good, they were prospering, but are about to be brought down to desolation because of their sins. They’re going to be overtaken by Babylon, and life as they knew it was going to change. All their rights, privileges, and freedom were now gone.

Many of us like Judah has been in a tough season, but things are about to change beloved. Remember I told you first! All the suffering, and sacrifices, all the trials and the tribulations, the heartaches and headaches now seem like a distant past because the Lord God has now shown up. He’s declaring the old has been replaced by new, and it’s already begun. He’s surprised for some that they can’t see it. You were suicidal, but now want to live. We’re frustrated, but now expectant; were sick, but now healthy. Don’t you see it? He’s making pathways (new freeways) where there were none; flowing rivers where there was once only dry places.

How did it happen you ask? God did it! This is why Isaiah was willing to serve God. Consider how many seasons God has changed, how many doors He has opened, and how many battles He’s helped you win. Come on now, people may ask how did it happen, but you know.

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