Grace Bible Fellowship

of Antioch

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Lady Qwivander T. Smith (affectionately known as Lady Q.), is the First Lady of Grace Bible Fellowship of Antioch, California.  Lady Q and her husband, Senior Pastor Kirkland A. Smith, visionary and founder of Grace Bible Fellowship Ministry together are proud parents of five beautiful children. Born and raised in the south, Lady Q is a true Southern Girl.  

Their first Bible Study was held September 13, 2003, in the back room of her beauty salon, Heavenly Hair.  She has served faithfully since the inception of Grace Bible Fellowship, and wears many hats in the ministry, as God has appointed and directed. She is a visionary that see’s beyond the limited perspective of the naked eye.


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In 2005, the First Lady was appointed the Ministry Director of GBF’s Women‘s Ministry. This ministry’s foundation for Kingdom building soon became the standard for all ministries within Grace Bible Fellowship of Antioch and remains a model for spirit success.

She is also the Ministry Leader of a mentoring program that ministers to young girls ages 10 to 18. This ministry has blessed girls though financial scholarships, teaching and training, self confidence, and motivating each of them to live a life pleasing to God. This Ministry teaches them how to give back to their community. 

Truly empowered by the Holy Spirit, this Dynamic woman of God is committed to pursuing her purpose.  Ready to travel beyond the four walls, her ministry is destined to meet the needs of not only Bay Area women, but women nationwide.

Book Relaunch

Pursuing God's Purpose with a Passion: 

By: Qwivander T. Smith

This book is about Pursing God's Purpose with a Passion.  Understanding that we all have been placed here for a purpose.  Once your purpose has been revealed to you, walk in it with total confidence.  Your purpose is not always something you want to do, it's something you have been choosing to do.  "For many are called but few are chosen".  Matthew 22:14 NKJV

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