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It’s your turn

We began a study last month declaring for some it was your turn in God’s eye to lead, to shine, and to serve his people according to His will for your life. He told Joshua, a minor leader prior to these words (Joshua 1:1-6) that he would bless whatever steps his feet took, no one would be able to stand against him, and He would never leave him nor forsake him; because their covenant was going to be forever.

SO ARISE ___________ (place your name there), because it’s your turn!

God has set you apart when it’s your turn. How do I know Pastor it’s my turn, you ask?

1) Because you are feeling the presence of God in a way you either never have before or not in a long time. Like Samuel, remind God that you are listening (1 Sam 3:10 “speak, for your servant hears”)!

2) Because you have some fear or trepidation about the assignment. But God promised Moses, Joshua, and now He’s promising you that He won’t leave or forsake you (Joshua 1:5 “as I was with Moses, so shall I be with you”).

3) Next, because you’re receiving a word that lines up with your circumstances. God has been with you through the good and the bad, and you now realize that he brought you through to bring you to something or someone in need of help (Jos 1:11” command the people saying prepare provisions for yourselves for within 3 days you will cross over this Jordan (their barrier) and go and possess the land”).

4) Because you know that a decision must be made about your current status with God. Sometimes you can put things off, but other times you know that a decision must be made; and this is one you are about to make!

5) Finally, because you know that every season has to change. Just as sports team decline or ascend to championship heights (see the Warriors) seemingly overnight. Just like weather seasons change (we are in a new season); and new life comes into this world (through pregnancies and new births) as well as deaths. You are entering a new season in which God is taking you somewhere you haven’t been before. It may call for more of your time, talents, or treasures; but best believe it will be worth your investment.

Come on let’s celebrate, it’s not just your turn, but it’s your time!

Excited for your season,

Pastor Kirkland A. Smith

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