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New Way To Fish

Reaching the World One Soul at a Time

We meet every 3rd Saturday (10:00 AM to 12:00pm) 

at the Church

Purpose: The Great Commission. To reach men with the gospel; the Good News of Jesus Christ!

~ Matt 28: 19-20 ~

Restoration of hope and direction for those seeking God's will for their lives.


Experience the life changing affect of God's Spirit and biblical teaching and application.


Accept people for who they are and who God wants them to be.


Commitment to Love and fellowship in the name of Jesus Christ. Help meet the needs of others.

Evangelism Conference - July 15, 2023

We can accomplish this goal by fishing (Evangelizing) in a new way. It will include 5 ways to go about it. In-Reach, Outreach, Street, Prayer walking and Administrative.


IN-REACH: The ministry will contact the current members who are missing from the fellowship, by phone and encourage them. Not where are you, but how are you? Contact all visitors who attend worship services, and all new members to see if they have any questions, concerns, prayer needs, etc.


OUTREACH: The ministry will go to the homes of the members (New and Existing) who have been missing from the fellowship, and ensure that they know their church cares for them. Also going to malls and grocery stores doing questionnaires to see what they like and dislike about the church, and using this to make our ministry more effective.


STREET: The ministry will go into designated areas and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ from street corners. We will visit trouble neighborhoods, Parks, Apartment complexes, and known hang out spots. We will take food and clothing into areas of need, and share the love of Christ with those in need. (Matt 25:35,36)


PRAYER WALKING: The ministry will send intercessors into every area that we go into and Minster (In-reach, Outreach, and Street) and cover the teams in prayer.


ADMINISTRATIVE: The ministry will provide all the potential names for follow-up placed on Grace In-Reach/ Outreach forms and maps for all homes to be visited. They will input all info placed into our database for further follow-up from our Pastor and Shepherd's ministry.


Prayer Walk May 2017

For more information text or call:


Evangelist Robert W. Daniels, Ministry Leader
Phone:  (415) 812-6035
Rev. Michelle Thomas
Phone: (415) 373-2134


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