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Moving God's Word


The Written Word of God put in movements Inspired and led by the Holy Spirit!

Ministry Leader: Sis. Ruby Mathis


Moving God's Word (MGW)


This class combines the medium of Modern-Jazz Dance, Drama and Spoken Word to encourage the saints, praise the Lord and minister the gospel.


Moving God's Word seeks to utilize dance, creative and artistic movement as an expression of the Christian faith the glory of God.


Class Schedule: Every Tuesday at 6pm to 7 pm - 3415 Oakley Road, Multipurpose Room


MGW will imitate the Gospel and provide another avenue to evangelize, fellowship and assemble on behalf of the Lord.


Dance is a fitness activity that not only conditions the body but also stimulates the mind and spirit.


We will explore and innovate combination of dance forms including: ballet, modern dance and jazz.


Drama, poetry and props will be added for special effects.


Ensemble and individual performance opportunities will be presented through Moving God's Word Ministry. "I will go on dancing to honor the Lord" ~ 2 Sam. 6:14,16 ~



To move bodies so that we can move God.

Strengthen Dance Techniques

Improve Movement Skills

Learn Improvisation

Stretch & Tone

Build Self Esteem


Class Details

This class is open to any little girl who is able to follow instruction, practice discipline and move their body.

For information or to join this ministry contact Sister Ruby Mathis at

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