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Heart 2 Heart

Heart -2- Heart Ministry Leaders: 1st Lady Qwivander Smith, Co-Leader Sister Yvette Collins Brown.


Our Mission is to impress upon the minds of young girls that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. To instill in them the importance of having a personal and sincere relationship with the Lord.


But as for you, speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine. Titus 2:1  Teach what is good!

Our Goal is:


  • To encourage Education and the importance of knowledge; for our people parish from the lack of knowledge.

  • To develop healthy young women teaching them beauty starts on the inside.

  • To teach the girls how to stand together, love all mankind and how to support each other's success.

  • To reach our entire community not just the four walls of our church.


We teach Etiquette, Hospitality, Fashion, do's and don'ts. What's appropriate and what's not. We Host a yearly Rain Bow Tea, Girls gone wild for Jesus which is our newest event.  Our most popular event Ms Grace Crowing, and many other fund raisers. All money goes directly toward scholarships.


Now over 11 years, have set a strong solid foundation. We are proud to have a consistent format that works for our Ministry, our Mentee's and our Mentors. We take proud in honing a young lady every year to receive and hold the position of Ms Grace; she receives a $ 1000, 00 scholarship, for outstanding achievements. We also reward a Ms Junior Grace for her achievements. She receives $200.00 just for HER.


Each girl earns their scholarship, by being active in the church, active in their community, active in their schools, active in their neighborhoods, active in their classrooms and much much more. Ms Grace is truly an example to her peers. She motivated, she's positive, she's an encourager, she's the one other girls can count on. This is why she's Ms Grace. A true example of a Godly young Lady.


Our Mentors are a group of experienced women who have a heart and a passion for the younger girls. Each mentor has committed 2 years and some even longer to teach, train and pour in as much love as we can to each young girl, our Ministry age starts at 10 years old and our cap is 18 years old. Every young girl is welcome to join our Ministry.


Meetings We meet 6:30pm to 8:30pm every 3rd Friday of each month the location varies. We are excited to be Mentors to this generation of young ladies. They are our next generation Leaders. They will be equipped, trained, and ready for battle.

For additional information or if you would like to be apart of this Ministry, please contact First Lady Qwivander Smith at

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