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What Motivates You?

As we enter these summer months, people will want to wear shorts, t-shirts, and form-fitting clothing. What will hinder someone from wearing what's comfortable? Their bodies not participating and looking out of sort for the outfit of course! So what could they do? If they're motivated, they could begin toning and transforming their bodies while there's still time.

We can do the same thing with our spiritual bodies (1 Cor 9:27), and prayer is the key which puts our body (temple) in the best shape. But we must find time to get alone with God (Mark 1:35; Luke 5:16). How can we best accomplish this task? Look at Psalm 25, which gives us the answers:

  1. Ask God for guidance v4-5; He'll lead you.

  2. Ask God for forgiveness v7; He'll cleanse you and set you back on track.

  3. Ask God for direction v12; He'll keep you walking on the straight and narrow path.

  4. Ask God for comfort v16-18; when in trouble, He'll assist and encourage you.

  5. Ask for protection v19-20; He'll guard our souls and cover us when the enemy comes in like a flood.

Be encouraged today to seek God; he understands our weaknesses, desires, and hopes. Through prayer, it will make this season enjoyable as we put on the garment of praise (Isaiah 61:3).

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