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Who We Are

This ministry incorporates all facets of media, audio, video, lighting, social, voice over, text, graphics, photos, entertainment, and soon to come television.


GBF OF ANTIOCH Multimedia Ministry has been designated to ensure the successful operations within a vital component of GBF of Antioch. With the mandate to take the Gospel to the world through multimedia, GBF OF ANTIOCH Multimedia Ministry is an intricate part of this Ministry’s obedience to God.

Why Do We The Have Multi-Media Ministry


We can all probably recall well-known ministers who influenced our Christian lives by the different means of multimedia. An effective multimedia ministry plays in integral part in development and equipping the Body of Christ. It is in the repetitious “hearing” of the Word that the membership is able to receive the full benefits of each message.

The scripture tells us in Romans 10:17, “So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Therefore, we know to please God we must continue to build our faith by continuously hearing the Word of God. This is our scriptural basis for having a Multimedia Ministry.

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What We Must Do To Be Effective


We must have ample supplies to support the needs and demands of our Church Body which produces excellence in customer service.  Having a standard operating procedures will assist us with this goal to meet the needs and demands of our Church Body.

Pursuing excellence means we must take the time to evaluate our operations to ensure a continual press towards the mark of excellence. It is not sufficient to reach a comfort level of performance and become complacent. We must continually look for ways to improve and enhance out ministry. Let our focus be to Review, Monitor and Improve. (RMI).