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Our Mission


The Grace Bible Fellowship of Antioch's WEB/Information Technology Ministry seeks to be the center of IT solutions by providing system management, system administration, technical support and training for the advancement of the commission found in Matthew 28:19-20.


The WEB/IT Ministry’s goal is to ensure these services are provided in an effective, efficient and timely manner to allow GBF church to evangelize and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to residents, not only of our Antioch community, but throughout the world.


Web/IT Ministry is any and every way that Grace Bible Fellowship of Antioch can or could reach out to members, visitors, seekers and leaders through a variety of Web and Internet technology tools.

WEB/IT Ministry

If you need more information about the WEB/IT Ministry or would like to join, contact Bro. Anthony Randolph at  or call the church office at (925) 522-2017

Most people think of  a Web/IT ministry as having a website and internet access, but delineated below you will find there are three developing, evolving, and dynamic areas that constitute Grace Bible Fellowship of Antioch (GBF)'s Web/IT Ministry.

Specifically, the Web/IT Ministry is about proactively building dynamic, interactive, multi-layered activities and services that expand the church's reach to connect with billions of users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Thus, creating an instrument so that any person, anytime and anywhere can become a disciple of Jesus Christ and enter into a life-changing, world-transforming journey of faith, hope and love.


The Ministry is divided up into three different areas.


Web Ministry

Web ministry adapts the tools of the Internet and resources of the world-wide Web to fulfill the church's mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. It makes use of the vast communication and information cyber-highway to connect with 2.9 billion people


Social Media

Since the "Web/IT Ministry" is more than having a Web presence or website, GBF Web/IT Ministry uses the Internet tools of the 21st century to enhance and expand the church's ministry. Specifically, these tools/applications are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


IT Ministry

The IT Ministry helps supply Information Technology solutions and training for the GBF members, ministries, on-site staff and associated GBF organizations.   To do this we work to form partnerships with all groups and ministries throughout the Church.  


What We Do

1. Serve as the primary technology resource for the Church and associated organizations.
·    Ensure all hardware and software used on the GBF Campus is maintained and fully functional.
·    Ensure good stewardship of the Church’s resources by managing cost through strategic planning of technology purchases
·    Manage technical network contractor resources on behalf of the Church
·    Ensure the Church has a computer network backup strategy
·    Support the use of the wireless, virtual & Email server network 


2. Manage the GBF Help Desk

.    Provide working technology solutions throughout the GBF Campus
·    Assist in enhancing the worship experience through technical solutions.
·    Improve the efficiency of GBF staff, ministries and associated GBF organizations, or programs by seeking the best, most   

     cost-effective technical solutions.
·    Participate and actively support all ministries and programs of the Church that require technical solutions.


3. Provide Training and Computer Lab support
·    Support basic training on current and new software, applications and hardware   
·    Support technical training provided by other ministries
·    Provide basic computer training to the youth and help deliver IT training to GBF's members and community.

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