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What About the Children

Children can be a flat out joy, their first steps, their first words, their first time sleeping by themselves (some husband should say AMEN)! Ask any parent and they'll tell you, "they grow up too quick", and as hard as it is to believe, as much as you love your children, you love your grandchildren even more.

With all this reminiscing for those whose children are grown, and others near adulthood; there's another side to consider as well: children can work your last nerve, and are stubborn and hard headed. Some of them would rather bump their heads, then listen to a parent who has a knot of their's as proof! Nonetheless, God still challenges us to train them up (Prov 22:6), to not withhold discipline from them (Prov 23:13), and not to exasperate your children (Eph 6:4)

Raising kids is a full time job, and too many parents are only working "on call" now. The Old Testament law declares we should teach them (Deut 6:7) to our children when they lie down, and when they get up. That's daily folks! But we get lazy and forget parenting is hard work. Helping with homework, having those talks about the birds and the bees, and not sparing the rod are all responsibilities of a godly parent.

For those unwilling, those who allow their kids to run the house, run their mouths, and run the streets, you are leading them to death, and you will have to answer to God for that (Matt 18:6). Therefore don't forget about your children or allow them to raise themselves in this society's acceptable times.

- Don't allow them to do anything without your approval.

If you want a gauge to work under try WWYPD (what did your parents do), that will fix a lot of your problems.

  • Don't forget to tell them you love them.

  • Don't forget to bring them to church (there is no option).

  • Don't forget to rebuke and discipline them when needed.

  • Don't forget to educate them, knowledge is king; make them read.

  • Don't forget to tell them their beautiful, for they're fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139:14)

  • Don't forget to protect them for the devil comes to kill them...

  • Don't forget to teach them about the Lord, for salvation is found in no other (Acts 4:12)

Anything less is uncivilized. Help them succeed, and not fail. Give them a chance at life. What about the future, for they will lead it. Are you ready and comfortable with them leading us into the next generation as we get older? Instead of focusing on yourself, ask yourself, what about the children!

Think about it,

Pastor Kirkland A. Smith

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