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Celebrate Cultural Diversity

When was the last time you celebrated something? For when you celebrate something, you show happiness that something good has happened during this particular time (ex- birthday party, anniversary). When you celebrate something you mark a special occasion or day by ceremonies or festivities (ex- Mardi Gras, School Graduation, or New Year’s Eve). When you celebrate something you praise something publicly or declare it a holiday (ex- Christmas, Martin Luther King birthday). Therefore we declare this, from this day forward, we the body of Grace Bible Fellowship of Antioch is marking the Month of May as the month that we celebrate "Cultural Diversity." Cultural Diversity encompasses recognizing and celebrating cultural differences that exist between people of different nationalities such as language, dress, traditions, and the way societies organize themselves and embrace religion. There is a general consensus among mainstream anthropologist that humans first emerged in Africa about two million years ago. But since that time, people have spread across this entire world and embraced different cultures and different styles of living. We know about the more obvious cultural differences that exist between peoples, such as language, dress, and traditions, but there are also significant variations in the societies as it relates to how they organize themselves in the concept of morality and the ways that they interact with their environment. One of the greatest ways we can enjoy Cultural Diversity is when cultures embrace one another (come together); such as when those that are of European descent enjoy Oriental food; or when Blacks will embrace and enjoy Hispanic music, art, or architecture; or those of Asian descent will embrace the clothing attire of other cultures. Diversity is good, for if we were to lose diversity we would lose languages, customs, and history!! We would lose our own sense of identity; where you came from and that ultimately would hinder you from finding out where you were destined to be!! Much of what is in our Western civilization came from other parts of the world. Chess for example came from India, gunpowder from China; various mathematical concepts came from the Islamic world. The embracing of different cultures speaks volumes to the fact that there is no race/culture better than any other!! For if so, then why are we replacing something from our culture with something from another culture? Whether it is foods, clothing, or sayings, there’s some good we can draw out of every culture. So let's use this month to embrace, invite, encourage, and love on those that may look a little different than us on the outside; but have the same red blood running through their veins. So for our members of Grace Bible Fellowship that are non-Black, please share with me any areas of special interest that you think would educate, motivate, or spiritually inspire the Black members of this congregation. Whether it is cultural food dishes for our Cultural Pot Luck (scheduled for Sunday, May 31st after 11:30 service), fellowships, music or dances unique to your culture which would be a blessing to our body; this month is the month that we CELEBRATE YOU!!!! Let's enjoy the month of May as we celebrate Cultural Diversity!

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