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Draw me close to you: Luke 11:1

As we embark upon a new season and New Year, it is also a season that we are anticipating an unprecedented move of God in our lives.

We’ve seen him work in others Pastor Marvin Winans said, and we want him to work in us! How does this happen? When will this happen?

Well, first and foremost, we must put ourselves in position (proper location) for a move of God to happen. This is why we pray. Prayer is asking God to do what we can’t for ourselves.

The Apostles asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, not how to preach, nor how to minister. We know that Jesus ability to heal, minister, and speak words of eternal life was amazing, but his ability to connect to his Father must have been even more impactful.

So hence, because they saw something extraordinary when Jesus spoke directly to his Father, which motivated them to want the same type of relationship and results as he received when he prayed, they asked him to teach them how to pray!

Next real prayer brings about immediate results, for you have “passed the buck so to speak” to the One who is able to keep you from falling, and is able to do all things well. For nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:38). Just as when you are approaching someone, this can only come to pass if you’re continually making progress in His direction.

So it is if we are making progress towards God by prayer, that we must make sure that prayer stays continual, it should be offered on behalf of others, even when we are going thru ourselves, and finally we should expect the mysteries of God to be revealed when we pray (Col 4:2-4). The Lord will sometimes allow circumstances to come our way with the intended purpose of this particular situation drawing us closer to the Father.

Instead of looking at the problem, let’s look at the possibility of a greater connection with the Promise-keeper! So whenever troubles come our way, let us pray, for this will draw us closer to God through his son Jesus Christ; and the prayer we offer up to God in faith with the saints standing with us, and sometimes praying for us will cause a shift in our circumstances and bring forth change (healing, wholeness, and peace).

Prayer is effectual and powerful in its working. So in our season of fasting, let’s draw closer to God, seeking answers to questions, and ultimately becoming closer to Him than ever before.

Thank you Lord for drawing me close thru prayer and it is my desire to experience your presence unlike ever before. I’m believing every need is about to be met, every obstacle is about to be moved, every tear will be wiped from my eye, and I experience a closer walk with thee.

In Jesus name, Amen

Pastor Kirkland A. Smith

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