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What Does A Champion Look Like?

When we think of champions, we think of the Golden State Warriors, the Chicago Cubs, or new president Donald Trump. Champions are those who continue to win. But this world also now carries a different connotation, and that’s one who fights for a cause! If you champion fundraising for a team or you keep pushing to raise money for the organization, you’re champion a cause. God is always looking for someone to champion a cause!

  • Abram (known to many as Abraham) did it for a family covenant (see Gen 12:1-4).

  • Moses did it to provide freedom to Israel (Ex 3:7-10).

  • Nehemiah did it to rebuild his homeland and his people (Neh 2:4-5).

In order to be a champion, one must…

1) Be burdened (Neh 1:3-4)

2) Be prayerful (Neh 1:11)

3) Be compelling (Neh 2:17-18)

4) Be dependent on God (Neh 2:19-20)

5) Be resourceful (Neh 3)

6) Be wise (Neh 4:7-13)

7) be controversial when needed (Neh 5:1-5, 11-12)

8) Be steadfast (Neh 6:2-4)

9) Be thankful (Neh 8:10)

10) Be prepared to be blessed (Neh 10:1)

As you study Nehemiah’s journey, you will see that he was a true champion. Isn’t it about time you find an area of interest that you champion? Desire to make something better because you have committed to it!

Think about it,

Pastor Kirkland A. Smith Senior Pastor

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