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Welcome to Bows Ties Squares where we specialize in bringing excitement to your suit with Custom and Standard Bow Ties, Ties, & Pocket Squares.


We use the best fabrics from kente cloth, paisley, floral stripes, 

solids,  and more. So take a Fresh Look at our selections and order today. If you are looking for a more custom design let us know and we would be happy to design to your needs.




Ambassador of Style


Learn more about me, our business,

and how you too can become an Ambassador of Style.


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—Mikell Alexander Sr., Owner/CEO


About Me

Allow me to introduce myself I am

“The Ambassador of Style”   

Mikell Alexander Sr.

Founder/Owner of Bows Ties Squares a business devoted to enhancing the Style , Pizzazz, & Flair to your Suit or Dress Shirt. 


We feel the Suit is not complete without the perfect Tie & Pocket Square. Whether  it’s a Tie or a Bow Tie we have the perfect one for you. Click the order now button to see our inventory.   


We Specialize in Custom designs in different fabrics, As well as your standard colors and styles. You can place an order for one or multiple, Let us know what you like, fill in your info below and we’ll be in touch.  


Info About Bows, Ties, and Squares


We would love to hear from you just drop me a message and I will get back to you quickly.


We enjoy being on the cutting edge and we listen to our customers. If you have a design you like us to consider just let us know.

In the meantime, we pray you order one of our products and be in Style with "BOWS, TIES, and SQUARES.

Thanks, and God Bless